Anthony Q. King    - "Tony"
1322, 1er Concession,
Elgin, Québec,
phone: 450-264-6342
e-mail: **

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Continue to develop knowledge of computers & information services, particularly in
the growing field of Client-Server technology.

BSc (Concordia) 1965 - majored in Mathematics & Physics
Enrolled in McGill University Masters degree in Computer Science 1975 (not completed)

Self-employed. (Feb,2004 to present)
Part-time free-lancing and consultant.
Developed numorous web applications (mostly pro-bono) for website installations, as well as DVD/video conversion and editing work.

Cleyn & Tinker Inc. (May,1994 to Dec,2004)
Technician / Web designer.
Managed to eventually convert office staff from ols MS/DOS systems to the up-to-date Windows desktops.
Maintained AS/400 network (both Twin-ax and Client-Access), set up initial Windows TCP/IP LAN.
Designed and maintained several websites, including current one. HTML, XHTML, Javascript, PHP, etc
Set up and maintained several HTTP servers - Domino, Apache, both on ISeries and Win2000
Developed numerous applications in both Macromedia Flash and Swish.
              ..........much more to be added here soon.

Le Groupe CGI inc. (January,1993 to April, 1994)
Installed and maintained in-house Novell Netware LANs, using both Token-Ring and Ethernet. Installed and maintained IBM PC3270 mainframe access thru Token-Ring. Installed and set up Microsoft Office systems, both stand-alone and on LAN. Installed and maintained ISOPRO X400 mail system as well as researching other mail packages and gateways.

SYSCOR (1984 to January,1993)       2015: Where are they now?
1989 to 1993:
Microcomputer Support Specialist.
Proposed and installed in-house Netware 286 LAN, using both Ethernet and ARCnet at SYSCOR, as well as dial-in and 3270 gateways to it. Responsible for choice of much of SYSCOR's PC software and hardware, as well as installation, upgrading & maintenance of Netware 386 & other PC-related products on company premises. Developed proposal for upgrading SYSCOR's mainframe telecommunications system from BTAM to VTAM & SNA.
1988, 1989:
Telecommunications and Microcomputer Support Analyst.
Installation & maintenance of new micro-computer systems such as SCO-Xenix/Unix. Developed UUCP systems to communicate with UNIX systems at other sites. Maintained a broadband token-passing bus network (CONCORD). Recommended & installed Gandalf PACX switching unit for async dial-up service to mainframe.
1987 to 1988:
Manager of Technical Services Dept.
Responsible for the VM/CMS, VSE and CICS systems. Managed staff of three technical personnel, as well as two user support personnel. Continued to manage XENIX system and began work on special projects such as voice-activated systems, as well as continuing development and maintenance of mainframe VM/CMS REXX systems.
1984 to 1987:
Senior Technical Specialist.
Duties included installation & maintenance of VM/CMS HPO, VSE and CICS systems. Knowledge of internals of these products. Set-up async remote dial-in system using IBM 4994 & Yale ASCII.
Began work on SCO-Xenix system for special database project. Some 'C' and shell programming, as well as REXX on VM/CMS.

Royal Victoria Hospital (1973 to 1983)
Systems Programmer. Initially worked on DOS/VS (later VSE) SYSGENs. Maintained a 370x system. Provided support for all applications, mostly in COBOL, Assembler & Fortran. Created the first CICS admission & discharge system ever installed at the RVH (COBOL & Assembler command-level), which was later replaced by IBM's HCS-PCS system.
Developed many in-house CMS execs for program maintenance & testing.

Steinbergs (1971 to 1973)
Systems Programmer. DOS/VS SYSGENs, development of 370 Assembler sub-routines, maintenance & enhancement of batch transmission BTAM system.

Imperial Tobacco - 1968 to 1971
Applications Programmer - Payroll & other financial systems on IBM/360
(mainly COBOL). Began learning 360/Assembler.

I enjoy working with computers and information systems of all sizes, to the point where it may be considered an avocation as well as a profession.

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